Photo Packs

Finding the right reference!

As a digital matte painter and concept artist working in the film industry I have a lot of experience mining for photo material on the internet, however the unfortunate reality is, when most people are shooting photography that eventually finds it way onto Google images, they’re not doing so with the intention of using these images in film and TV, so all too often, while they might be great snaps, they’re usually low resolution, afflicted with compression, noise, often taken at obscure angles with over exposed lighting, and when finally you do find that one great shot, you’re all too often limited to just that one great shot, and rarely presented with multiple angles, which isn’t always a problem, because more iconic locations have been photographed multiple times, which is great right? well not quite, because one might be overcast, the other might be mid summer, one might have dark shadows, another might be shot with a super wide lens, so needless to say, it can sometimes be challenging task trying to find good photographic material. So it becomes the task of every digital artist to build a library of images, to explore the world, capture the great outdoors and sometimes mundane, in fact all too often the mundane is better! How often do tourists take a snap of a garbage can or pile of snow? How often do I need these seemingly useless images? every day! I’ve built quite a large library throughout the last few years, and offer to share some of my highlights here. When I shoot a location or subject, i’m quite obsessed with shooting it from every possible angle, many times, many, many times! What you will find in these photo packs will be just that; many photos taken from every conceivable angle at high resolution, in the same lighting conditions.