Over 400+ individual 3d and 2d elements from my own person kit that I’ve been building for over 3 years to create concepts in my professional work. Finding different ways to combine these elements is both fun and quick! I frequently use these elements to create concepts in less than 30 minutes that would otherwise take days from scratch@ The over all idea of these 3d and 3d elements, is to provide a kit by where you ca remove the need to build original parts, and simpl focus on making creative choices by combining elements and moving them around to discover unique compositions. Personally I find this process a lot of fun, I love the process of taking a few simple elements, moving them around and arranging them in new ways. It’s surprising how many unique ideas you can create from a few simple elements. Now imagine what you can do with 80 brushes, 200+ 3d elements, and over 280 unique 2d elements! Available from Gumroad.